Parking Utility Trailer Tips

Most of these tips will depend on how long you plan on storing your utility trailer. Some are best used for long-term storage and are not recommended for short-term parking.

  1. Remove the brake batteries– this should be done only if your trailer has batteries to operate the braking system. Not removing them will add more wear and tear as well as drain the power. Store the batteries inside once they are removed.
  2. Jack the trailer up– this will help preserve your tires and suspension. Don’t let the weight of the trailer rest on your tires only. jacking your trailer up slows down thieves as well. You could possibly remove the tires if you want and store them in a secure location.
  3. Grease the moving parts– this will protect your trailer’s moving parts when they are not going to be moved for some time. Also, you should move your tires to lubricate the bearings. That is if you do not remove your tires while the trailer is in storage.
  4. Get a cover– a cover will protect your utility trailer from the elements. The constantly changing weather patterns can bring rust, corrosion, and other damage. A good tarp or another cover will prevent a lot of that from taking place.
  5. Invest in a good security system– whether it be a good trailer lock or boot for your tires, doesn’t matter. To protect against theft you should add a nice security lock to the hitch. Also, if you have cargo on board, make sure to use straps, etc., to make it more difficult for anyone to remove those items.